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Royal Blue Sapphire

In the gemstone world, Sapphire is one of the most prized gems in blue colors. Sapphire has come a long way since ancient times and has become a more popular gemstone in modern times.
This is because it can withstand heat, acids, and chemicals that might kill other stones. Depending on its location and origin, Sapphire can range from light pastel blues to deep intense hues. Today, sapphires come in a wide range of bright and vivid hues.
The history of sapphires is unclear, but most scientists believe that sapphires came from countries like India, Russia, and Brazil until the 1600s. In the 17th century, French scientists observed a purple stone in Brazil called “Sapphire of Brazil,” named after King Louis XIV of France. In 1797, the French flag was adopted by King Louis XVI, and Sapphire was mounted on it to mark the event. In 1816, a young officer found pink Sapphire in Russia and named it “Sapphire of Russia.” Its name was later changed to “Sapphire of Siberia” after King Alexander II of Russia. In 1931, sapphires were first discovered in Burma, and the name was changed to “Burmese Sapphires.”
The dominant color of Sapphire is blue, but it also comes in other colors like pink, green, white, orange, and red. Sapphires are typically used in jewelry, especially rings and earrings. Compared to other gems like diamond or ruby, Sapphire is cheaper to acquire. The most expensive Sapphire was worth $190 million in 2010. It’s one of the most coveted gemstones in the world and has a long history. In ancient times, Sapphire was a stone used to worship the sun.
Royal Blue Sapphire Specifications
The color, shape, and size of sapphires all vary, but a common characteristic is that it’s very hard: 9 on the Mohs scale. Sapphires tend to be desirable for their intense blue color and their durability. They’re also known for being opaque or transparent. If you choose a blue sapphire in white gold, then wearers will have the opportunity to see through their ring. If you choose a white sapphire, then it’s transparent. Blue or pink sapphires are usually more expensive than transparent blue sapphires because they require more care and attention to keep their color for a long time.
What Makes The Blue Sapphire Special.
Royal Blue sapphires are precious and are sought after by jewelry lovers all over the world. But how do they get their deep blue color, and why is it so special? The blue color that’s in sapphires is significant because it represents the sky. This is one of the reasons why ancient cultures would love to adorn themselves with these stones for centuries. Sapphires are also hard to find and can be pretty rare to obtain.
Sapphire has a variety of uses. It’s used for jewelry, and it was used for cutting gemstones like emeralds or rubies in ancient times. It’s still used in some jewelry today. As an abrasive, it can be used to polish other stones. Sapphires are also a popular choice for rings and bracelets. They are more durable than other gems like diamonds and ruby because they don’t shatter easily.
In ancient times, sapphires were used for religious purposes. For example, they would use them as the eyes of their gods or goddesses. This is because they were thought to have healing powers and would bring them good luck if they did rituals that involved sapphire stones.
Benefits of The Blue Sapphire
Aside from looking and feeling beautiful, the blue Sapphire offers plenty of benefits. One of the most significant benefits is that it can be used in medical procedures. It’s known to heal wounds, so it can be used to reduce bleeding in surgical procedures. It also helps people recover from infections, so sapphires are prevalent in treating skin conditions and healing specific health problems like circulation issues or headaches.

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