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Schorl Tourmaline

Schorl tourmaline is a naturally occurring gemstone with a dark and shiny velvet surface. This gemstone is mostly worn for self-confidence, good health, inner peace, and positivity in life. Schorl tourmaline has mostly been used for healing and protection.

History of Schorl Tourmaline

Schorl tourmaline was first discovered in Saxon, Germany, in a town called Schorl hence the name Schorl tourmaline.

Since its discovery, Schorl tourmaline has been widely used in different cultures and across various ancient tribes carrying it as a form of protection. In addition, ancient magicians often rely on Schorl tourmaline for protection against demonic spirits and energy when executing their rituals and casting spells. In Chinese Feng Shui, Schorl tourmaline is believed to create an energy barrier and develop empathy in the user.

Physical Properties of Schorl Tourmaline

Schorl tourmaline is the most common type, making up 95% of natural tourmaline on earth. It has a chemical composition that contains boron, silica, and iron. Schorl tourmaline is pyroelectric, meaning it holds an electrical charge when heated. Also, Schorl tourmaline is a piezoelectric stone meaning it holds charge under pressure. These two properties are believed to make this stone extremely powerful, and it has many benefits to add to your health and well-being. Also, this gemstone has strong magnetism due to its high iron levels.

Uses of Schorl Tourmaline

You can use Schorl tourmaline in different forms, but mostly as jewelry, which you can wear daily. You can wear a bracelet or necklace to ensure you get skin-to-skin contact. Wearing Schorl tourmaline will give you higher vibrations and open up your root chakra. Schorl tourmaline is connected to the root chakra, which will help you feel grounded and balanced.

Healing Properties of Schorl Tourmaline

Schorl tourmaline can benefit you in several ways. Some of the healing powers that Schorl tourmaline possesses include:

Improves circulation of blood
Strengthens immunity
It helps in stabilizing the mood
It helps in reducing stress and anxiety
It helps in detoxifying heavy metals and pollution
Reduces bloating and helps in weight loss
Disengages one from obsessive behaviors

Benefits of Schorl Tourmaline

Meditation – Schorl tourmaline helps in keeping you grounded in the earth’s energy and helps you remain calm and composed. It also empties any negative thoughts and emotions from your mind, thus ensuring you meditate with a pure mind. In addition, Schorl tourmaline helps you in having safe spiritual exploration.

Relationships – Schorl tourmaline can help you if you always have heated arguments with your loved ones. This gemstone cleanses your emotional and spiritual well-being. It also reduces your urge to argue by freeing your mind of negative thoughts and emotions. It also transforms negative emotions and energies into constructive and positive thoughts, which prevent a situation from worsening.

Therapy – You are susceptible to the risk of emotional, physical, and mental disturbances as you run through your everyday life. Schorl tourmaline is a powerful healing gemstone that eliminates all native thoughts and emotions. In addition, people who have had traumatic and depressive events can use Schorl tourmaline as it reduces depressive episodes from recurring and lightens the mood.

Reduces stress at work – Regardless of your position and determination, you may often feel demotivated while at your workplace. Going through stressful episodes at work is inevitable and, at times, may disrupt your career. Having Schorl tourmaline at work can help you stay calm and composed throughout the day. It also helps eliminate negative emotions and thoughts, disrupting you as you carry out your daily activities. Also, Schorl tourmaline will keep you safe from heavy metals, radiation, and pollution.

Schorl tourmaline is associated with several benefits such as keeping you grounded in the earth’s energy and helps you have a composed outlook. This gemstone also connects you to a higher being, giving you a sense of security and self-confidence.

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