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Sky Blue Topaz

The Sky Blue Topaz is a mild blue colored, herbal and semi-precious gemstone. This gemstone is widely known for its jewelry purposes due to its vitreous shining nature and its high durability. In the western culture, sky blue topaz is worn specially as a December month birthstone. Equally, Vedic astrology proposes this precious gemstone as a replacement of Neelam stone (blue sapphire).
Sky blue topaz has its benefits which include:

1. It is used as a treatment plan for teeth, bone and hair disorders.
This gemstone is highly recommended for restoration of people’s health by treating their bone, hair and teeth as it is used to manage conditions such as arthritis, joint pains and falling hair. It is also advantageous in the restoration of people with long-term intellectual contamination.

2. Gives a higher expression of thought.
Sky blue topaz has been proved to improve expression of thought and enhancement of conversation while speaking or writing. It is a wonder and a game changer for persons with low self-esteem and those with poor qualities of public speaking. It is also a perfect tool for media personnel and for those who write as it works wonders for them.

3. Grants success in places of work.
According to Indian astrologers, the sky blue topaz gemstone gives success to people working in environment such as paint, iron, leather and coal industry. It is said that this gemstone is highly linked to karmic planet Saturn who has extra energy that help individuals make higher decisions of success in life. It is also of great importance to other professionals such as ministers, governors and judges inclusive of other people holding high authoritative civil positions.

4. Sky blue topaz is also used in anger management purposes.
In several instances, in our day-to-day life things happen around us that makes us angry. However, wearing a ring made of this gemstone can help cool us down and manage our anger.

5. It helps deal with bad omen.
Bad omen might be a source of misfortunes in life. The beauty is that sky blue topaz gemstone helps deal with awful omen. This will help deal with the daily misfortunes.

6. Useful in recovery of bad vision.
Bad vision may be stressful; however sky blue topaz gemstone can be used in vision restoration. Therefore qualifies this stone as an integral part in the life of mankind.

There are factors that contribute to sky blue topaz gemstone being special and should be considered when you are planning to go buy this gemstone. They include:

• Color- It is important to consider color as this characteristic makes it distinct. Sky blue topaz is a gemstone having a mild and a shiny blue color. Its consistency of shade and brilliance delineates its beauty in the marketplace.

• Origin- The mines where sky blue topaz is extracted from are in countries such as The United States of America, India, Sri Lanka, Russia and Brazil. However he best sky blue topaz considered in the market is that from Brazil. This is because of its high readability and color content.

• Readability-A large number of sky blue topaz gemstone are clean and obvious. This is one of the special characteristics that should be considered when looking for sky blue topaz.

• Cut-Under normal circumstances, sky blue topaz occur as elongated crystals. To minimize wastage, these elongated crystals are reduced to small shape example spherical, triangle, marquise and cushion.

In conclusion, this gemstone is important in solving conditions such as intellectual disorders, poor vision and low self-esteem. Sky blue topaz also has special characteristics that should be considered before purchasing. Cumulatively, the above discussed points about sky blue topaz are of importance when planning to buy this valued gem.

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