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Yellow Sapphire – Pukhraj

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire -Pukhraj
Yellow sapphire, also known as the pukhraj stone, is a variety of yellow-orange corundum—the third-hardest natural mineral after diamond and moissanite. It has a golden-yellow hue with an orange undertone. Pukhraj is one of the valuable and most durable varieties of yellow sapphire. As per Indian mythology, it is associated with the planet Jupiter and is considered a sacred stone that brings prosperity to its wearer and destroys negative energies by using its intense energies of love, happiness, and positivity.

Benefits of Wearing Pukhraj Stone
Some of the benefits of Yellow sapphire are outlined below.
Improves Communication
As you wear a pukhraj stone, it is believed to help you to communicate better with others and also help you to understand others better. The stone is known to remove the psychological barriers and boost the confidence in the wearer, and allows them to speak what they feel and express their emotions and feelings easily. The stone is helpful for people who fear public speaking, communication issues in a relationship, language barriers, and speech impediments.

Brings Mental Peace
Pukhraj is widely known to bring peace to the person wearing it. The stone is helpful for people who have a troubled mind, are suffering from anxiety and stress, have fear, phobia, depression, and mood swings. The stone is known to help calm the mind and restore the positive energy in the wearer.

Strengthening Relationships
Yellow sapphire is a stone that can be very helpful in strengthening relationships and bringing harmony between individuals. It can help you to be more open, honest, and understanding with others and help you to be more receptive and open to their needs and interests. It can help you be more accepting of others and bring greater compassion and gentleness into your relationships.

Brings Luck
Yellow sapphire is a stone that brings success, abundance, and good fortune. It is a very magical stone that can help you to be successful in all your endeavors. It can help you be more focused, determined, and persistent in your goals, bringing success more quickly and easily.

Brings Prosperity
This stone is known to help bring prosperity to the wearer’s life. The stone is beneficial for people in the business field who are struggling to make a mark. It is also helpful for employees who are not getting paid properly for their work. This stone helps get promotions, recognition, and rewards for your excellent work.

Anger Management
If you have a tendency towards anger or feel angry too quickly, the yellow sapphire can help to calm this. It is a stone that can help you to be more in control of your feelings and impulses and bring greater calm and serenity to your life. It can help you be less emotional, bring greater mental clarity and make good decisions that are less influenced by your feelings. It can help you be more patient and understanding with others and see things from a more reasonable and objective point of view.

Improves the Intellect
Yellow sapphire helps to promote intellect and clarity of mind. It is a stone of wisdom and insight and can bring clarity to your ideas and thoughts. It can help you make good decisions and improve your life’s order and organization. It can help you to be less emotional and more reasonable and can help you to see your problems with greater clarity.

Fights Against Evil
This stone is widely used to ward off evil and is known to protect the wearer from external negative energies that may affect one’s mental and physical health. This yellow sapphire stone’s intense energies are used to protect its wearer from the evil eye, black magic, hexing, curses, and bad dreams.

Healing Powers
Yellow sapphire is a stone that can help ease pain, bring greater peace, and relieve anxiety and restlessness during illness. It is a healing stone that can help bring greater strength, vitality, and energy to the body and ease disease symptoms. It can help strengthen the immune system, resist infections, and significantly benefit the sick.

Yellow sapphire is one of the most magical and powerful gemstones. It is a crystal that can bring tremendous benefits to your life and help you grow spiritually. It can help you be less emotional, more reasonable, and have greater clarity and insight. It can help you be less influenced by others and have greater faith in your abilities.

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